April 13, 2014
"All forms of beauty, like all possible phenomena, have within them something eternal and something transitory — an absolute and a particular element. Absolute and eternal beauty does not exist, or rather it is nothing but an abstract notion, creamed off from the general surface of different types of beauty."

— Baudelaire, The Heroism of Modern Life

March 2, 2014

And yet one arrives somehow, 
finds himself loosening the hooks of 
her dress 
in a strange bedroom— 
feels the autumn 
dropping its silk and linen leaves 
about her ankles. 
The tawdry veined body emerges 
twisted upon itself 
like a winter wind … ! 

William Carlos William

January 27, 2014


The Great Beauty: Roma

January 27, 2014
"I was looking for “La Grande Bellezza” and I didn’t find it…This is how it always ends, with death. But first there was life, hidden beneath the blah, blah, blah. It is all settled beneath the chitter chatter of the noise, the silence and the emotion and the fear, the haggard, inconstant beauty and then the wretched squalor and miserable humanity…There, let this novel begin. After all, it’s just a trick. Yes, it’s just a trick."

La Grande Bellezza

January 27, 2014
"Garbo still belongs to that moment in cinema when capturing the human face still plunged audiences into the deepest ecstasy, when one literally lost oneself in a human image as one would in a philtre, when the face represented a kind of absolute state of the flesh, which could be neither reached nor renounced."

— from Mythologies, Roland Barthes

January 27, 2014

Now the temptation of the absolute mask (the mask of antiquity, for instance) perhaps implies less the theme of the secret (as is the case with Italian half mask) than that of an archetype of the human face. Garbo offered to one’s gaze a sort of Platonic Idea of the human creature, which explains why the face is almost sexually undefined, without however leaving one in doubt.

[…]And yet in this deified face, somethign sharper than a mask is looming: a kind of voluntary and therefore human relation between the curve of the nostrils and the arch of the eybrows; a rare, individual function relating two regions of the face. A mask is but a sum of lines; a face, on the contray is above all their thematic harmony. Garbo’s face represents this fragile moment when the cinema is about to draw an existential from an essential beauty, when the archetype leans towards the fascination of mortal faces, whent eh clarity of the flesh as essence yields its place to a lyricism of a Woman.

The Face of Garbo, Roland Barthes

January 27, 2014

so we’ll live,
And pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh
At gilded butterflies, and hear poor rogues
Talk of court news; and we’ll talk with them too,
Who loses and who wins; who’s in, who’s out;
And take upon’s the mystery of things,
As if we were God’s spies: and we’ll wear out,
In a wall’d prison, packs and sects of great ones,
That ebb and flow by the moon.

King Lear V.iii

January 24, 2014
"The confusion and barrenness of psychology is not to be explained by its being a ‘young science’; its state is not comparable with that of physics, for instance, in its beginnings…for in psychology, there are experimental methods and conceptual confusion. The existence of the experimental method makes us think that we have the means of getting rid of the problems which trouble us; but problem and method pass one another by."

Ludwig Wittgenstein

January 24, 2014
"We have to remember that what we observe is not nature herself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning."

— Werner Heisenberg

January 23, 2014




January 23, 2014

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December 15, 2013


We were riding through frozen fields in a wagon at dawn.
A red wing rose in the darkness.

And suddenly a hare ran across the road.
One of us pointed to it with his hand.

That was long ago. Today neither of them is alive,
Not the hare, nor the man who made the gesture.

O my love, where are they, where are they going
The flash of a hand, streak of movement, rustle of pebbles.
I ask not out of sorrow, but in wonder.

October 22, 2013

You may have heard “Blue Is the Warmest Color” contains scenes of an explicit nature. But its most explicit content may surprise you… 
Opens this Friday in NY & LA!


You may have heard “Blue Is the Warmest Color” contains scenes of an explicit nature. But its most explicit content may surprise you… 

Opens this Friday in NY & LA!

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October 20, 2013
"The art of writing is a very futile business if it does not imply first of all the art of seeing the world as the potentiality of fiction."

— from Nabokov’s Good Readers and Good Writers

September 16, 2013
"For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known."

— Corinthians 13:12 (via hymne-a-la-beaute)

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